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Just Around The Corner..

Assalamua'alaikum and Hi my friends...

Fuuhh..Even though the Final Exam for this semester is just around the corner, I still looking after this blog. Everyday is a busy day. And a busy day makes me really concentrate more to the examination starts 26 April. The first paper is Islamic Historiography - related to the great Islamic History and biographies of great Islamic historians. I love this subject because I like history as I read the notes just like I read a novel. (hehehe...)

kinda busy..but this is for you not just only for who're taking the exam but all the way in our life, something that we must do as we are Muslims..:))
[click the picture to make it larger and clear..]

Hem...this is also a simple entry for this week. InsyaAllah.. after my 'war' is end on 8 May, my blog will be my priority to share my ideas and develop new articles about all that i love to do, my journey, and so on...hoho..

Syukran..thank you for reading my entry!:))

p/s:after this exam, i'll make a contest.....bout music and lyric..hehehe...shhh..

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hasni said...

bah sama2
all da best final xm r


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