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Assalamualaikum dan Salam Seblogger..

Now, i QUIT. not for blogging but i'm still in this path. hahaha..actually, my part time job are finished last night. so, i've been paid but with deposit check and wow.. all my tired session in this kinda job makes me exhausted are done and it's make me free as the bird fly above the sky..hahaha, but somehow.. it's make me sad. ya..bcoz i'll be miss my friends. i know they are still 'fighting' there in the Big Bad Wolf ,books' warehouse. a lots of work to do there after this sale are close tomorrow.

just only less than 2 weeks, i know something that really makes me appreciate all my friends there especially chinese friends. Cooperation, helpful and Friendly.. my workmates in biography section- Chang ( i remember u as the 'kipas susah mati' Man U..hehehe)..and Ziela (boleh ba kalo ko..) ,Farah (eleh..u got ur PSP dah..hehe), Wani (in diet session..), Nabil n his bro Sharom, Lee, KP, Terrace, Jason, Shelly, Gerald, Olivia (health section but her face look like sick person..hahaha..sorry:P) n Adri and his big bro Zach (lepak dlu bro~hoho..)...and others (60 workers there..hoho..)..(^_^)

what makes this part time is tough for me? because i gotta speak in English..not in Arabic..huhu..speaking in English with rojak2 with them (u know ya~). even though my English sounds like baby that still crawling on the floor (hahaha..).. but i can understand everything in this language. (not for difficult words lah..)

so... my job are done and i was sleep with smile last night..(hahaha..)
i got my salary but gonna wait until this thursday... i've planning something..
firstly, settle all my debt or credit..hahaha..
2ndly, buy an acoustic guitar..
3rd..ar..not planning yet...
4rd..5..6...also like the 3rd..hehehe...
(it's better saving kan?..it's good for my future..hoho)

ok..continue next entry...wait n see..wohoho..:)

p/s: this entry is special one because i dunno..


melatidaisy said...

salam alaik..

it's seems like you really had an enjoyable moments with them..

sy yg baca ni tumpang gembira :)

shinigami_9 said...

salam...oit..pakcik kayo aa...hahaha...ak da prob ngn sbjek...ak rs dlm kita 11 budk pi(among 13 ustarz exclude hsbi n kimo), ak ja yg jdual plek ckett...huhuhu...risw jua..

HanzSensei™ said...

melatidaisy:ya..quite enjoyable with them- sharing our hard time together...hoho..

shinigami:kui2..ko r..sal len man?ko tmbh sbjek engin ka?wahaha..ka ko up agi?

SuFy said...

hihi..nice try...wah, mo beli guitar acoustic ka?hehe.....nynyi yg sedap2 ar...gaji jgn lupa share2 ckit..hee

wanie said...

hahah.. name ako ade :)
ako pn same enjoy sgt eventhough dlm hard time pn.. next time kite keje lg yekss.. rindu sama buku ngan smua budak2 kat sane..hoho~!!

HanzSensei™ said...

sufy:yups..mo wt akustika..hahaha..sharing salary ya..bulih2..huah3

wanie: hihi..taw r.. ak mo jmpa ging2 blik..ak rsa dorg msti cbuk skrg ni..pack blik all the books..wahahaha~

wanie said...

tue lorh ako pn mauk jmpe gak pok2 smua :) aritu g skjp jerk.. rase mcm xnak tgglkn tmpt tue.. tau xpe msti skrg diorg bz gler (rindu nak wat keje..huhu) .. and setahu ako diorg just keje smpi esok jerk.. ko g amcorp aritu??

Anonymous said...

uit2.. wahaha. blm dpat lagi psp nye! sok kot br nk beli!! nntkan~~~ ;p

HanzSensei™ said...

wanie:ak x smpt p amcop deh..ak p pos tu lma gila oo..xpa..yg pntg durg uda jdi kaya dh..hahaha..

farah: pinjam psp..ak bru bli gitar..ahaks...


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